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Personalized bic pens

The personalized bic pens E-pen site offers the latest collection of personalized bic pens and writing implements by BIC Graphic and Sheaffer. All the personalized bic pens items can be personalised, making them excellent choices for freebies or business gifts. Our personalized bic pens graphics department is available to help you every step of the way. E-PEN, a gift that leaves its mark.

personalized bic pens Personalisation
To personalize your personalized bic pens you should send your brand, choosing one of these formats: cdr, eps, ai, jpg, tif, to our e-mail address. You also need to include your personalized bic pens order number and any other useful information needed to personalize the article, or you could send a letter including your brand’s print, to E-pen.

In about 2 or 3 days our graphic artists will produce a photographic reconstruction. They will then send a confirmation order form to your e-mail address showing the selected personalized bic pens changes made, the brand and any other personalized details so that you can pre-check the shape of the pen you have ordered.

personalized bic pens Confirmation order and settlement
The order will be sent to production upon your countersigning the confirmation order form and the receipt of the bank invoice (for payment transfer) via fax.

personalized bic pens Delivery date
The delivery date usually takes 15/20 days from the confirmation order and the goods will be delivered by express carrier, at no cost to you, directly to your Firm.

How do I pay for personalized bic pens goods bought on-line?
You can pay personalized bic pens by advanced bank transfer. Our banking coordinates are available in the payment procedure.

What does personalized bic pens SHOPPING CART mean?
Just as you pay at the till of a shop for the products you have taken from its shelves, the online system allows you to buy through selecting the goods you want to order. This is the easiest way to buy personalized bic pens online because it allows you to check, add or delete the articles chosen, just like in a shop.

Will my withdrawal right be respected?
E-pen allows the Client (a professional or a consumer) to withdraw from the contract within 48 hours of sending the personalized bic pens order via fax or telegram. In the case of payment, the client will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid, less banking expenses for restitution.

The object of the online personalized bic pens e-pen trade is “the provision of noticeable personalized goods”. As stated in Art. 3 Legislative decree n. 185/99 consumer clients are informed (i.e. a juridical person whose work does not refer to its professional activity) that these goods as explicity provided by Art. 5 comma 3 Legislative decree 185/99 have no withdrawal right.

Will my privacy be protected? To whom will my personal details will be sent?
In accordance with the Law made on D.Lgs. 196/2003 E-pen informs its customers that personal details contained in the personalized bic pens purchasing order and/or in the invoice are excluded from the customer’s agreement because they are collected and kept under fiscal / taxable obligations, under rules and Community laws only and in all cases in order to permit that obligations are correctly fulfilled in accordance with the purchasing contract which involves the customer and/or to acquire any useful contractual terms at consumer’s request only. Furthermore, it is explicitly stated that client’s personal details are stored in E-pen archives only and the client can ask them to be deleted at any time.

Where and when will the personalized bic pens goods be delivered? How are they delivered?
The personalized bic pens goods will be delivered to the address the customer indicates by our reliable express carrier in up to 30 days.

WARNING! No personalized bic pens goods will be delivered to post offices.

Will I receive an invoice of the acquired personalized bic pens goods?
As in a shop, you will receive a normal invoice for the acquired goods.

If I am unavailable at the office at the time of delivery, what will happen?
If it is not possible to deliver personalized bic pens goods because there is no one at the address indicated, the carrier will leave a delivery notice.
The addressee will contact the branch address the carrier has indicated and will decide either to try and deliver a second time, or to withdraw the personalized bic pens goods from the carrier office.

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personalized bic pens
The site offers the latest collection of writing pens by BIC Graphic and Sheaffer.